10 Ways to Make Your Travelling Cheaper

Are you addicted to travelling and exploring new places? But the cost involved with it comes as a barrier between you and your journey? Then you are lucky to find this blog on your way. It is often misconceived that travelling “costs a lot”. This blog is for those who consider travelling expensive. Here, we present to you 10 simple ways to make your travelling experience heavenly and cheap at the same :

Book Your Travel Credit Card

Almost all U.S. travel airlines offer their travel credit card bonuses under their first signup and make one purchase policy. By signing up for travel credit cards you can travel thousands of miles without paying much. Moreover, you can multiply your rewards by suggesting the sign-up policy to your relatives and friends. One such travel credit card that we know is Chase ultimate rewards by which you can multiply you card bonuses and transfer the bonus points to your favourite airline in order to make your experiences pleasurable and cheaper.

Opt For Mid-Week Flights

It is a known fact that tickets are very costly on weekends, so opting for a mid-week flight can save your money and make your flight experience a quite satisfactory one. For cheapest fares you can subscribe to airfarewatchdog.com, Kayak’s explored tools and Google’s flight search by these three sites you can book cheapest tickets to anywhere in the world from your home.

Season Off Travel Are Finest

It is a trend to travel when one is having weekends, that is, in summers or winters. But we advise you to travel on weekends because before or after a top season price becomes low and booking for restaurants and hotel becomes much easier and cheap.

Opt For Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is trending today, with the help of this service you can get accommodation for free. There are many places where locals are very cooperative and willing to let you stay with them. Couch surfing will make your travel experience 10 times better then what you have imagined. Through Couch surfing meetups, you can get voluntary help from locals to make new friends and explore new places.

Prepare Your Own Meal

Travellers are likely to spend more money on food than on anything but you can minimise this expenditure by cooking your own meal. The simplest way to do this is to pack your container and silverware and make yourself a healthy salad or sandwich.

Do Not Forget To Take Your Laptop Or Phone With You While Travelling

Yes, when you prepare to travel a new destination do not forget to take your laptop and phone with you because through these gadgets you can discover new refreshing experiences. Additionally, with the help of your gadgets you can compare the different options of commuting to different places and can choose that best one that suits your interest.

Do remember the above 10 points when you make your next travel plan. Happy journey 🙂